OACO Professionals is a dedicated firm of Professional Accountants. We provide Audit, Assurance and Advisory Services to every sector of the Nigerian Economy.

Why Joining OACO Professionals.

At OACO Professionals, we believe that every individual has something to offer and our aim is to create a conducive environment for you to fulfill your potentials. Our structured environment provides you with unending opportunities to actualize your professional dreams.

To work at OACO Professionals, you have got to be talented, a vibrant thinker and versatile. And all we do, is to provide you with the opportunities to be a better professional.

As the organization grows, you may find yourself spending some time abroad, working on global clients, experiencing different cultures and business styles. Whoever you are, and whatever your talents, you’ll find OACO Professionals a place where you can flourish, both professionally and personally.

What can I do?

If you are a graduate, newly qualified or experienced professional, we have fantastic career opportunities across Audit, Assurance & Advisory. We also need professionals from backgrounds such as Marketing, Finance, HR & IT to help us succeed.

Working in our Service Area

Fulfill your dream. Join our team:

  • Core Audit Staff. OACO Professionals recruit only experienced staff as Core Audit Staff. Some experienced Ad-Hoc Staff could be offered employment if he/she meets our pre-requisite qualification and after passing our Review Tests.

  • Ad-hoc Audit Staff. Ad-hoc staffs are temporary staff. They are usually fresh accounting graduate seeking audit experience. Some experienced auditor could also apply for temporary job if there is no vacancy to work as Core Audit Staff.

  • Intern/Vacation Audit Staff. We have provisions for Accounting and Non-Accounting Students seeking audit experience. Intern/Vacation position is available for a limited number of months and on-the-need basis.

Supporting our Business

To be successful, we need to look after our own member firms as well as our clients. We look for exceptional standards when we’re recruiting for our business support services — and these careers are highly rewarding, whether they’re in marketing, finance, IT, or any of the areas that are critical for business to run smoothly.

Where would you want to be?

Offices don't run themselves — they need organized and dedicated people.


We set the same high standards for internal finance as we do for our financial advisory services to clients.

Human Resources

We need passionate and talented HR professionals who can help ensure we attract, recruit and retain talented people


Cutting-edge IT helps us lead the field, and the constant need for new knowledge sharing technology and systems integration presents some exciting challenges.

Sales & marketing

We take our brand seriously. You can help manage our reputation and deliver our message to the people who count, on a national and global scale.

Secretarial support & administration

Good secretaries and administrators are critical to our member firms, which is why we hold them in such high regard.

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