Audit & Assurance

Statutory Audit is a major service offered by our firm. Our clients include Asset Management Companies, Government Establishments, Oil Companies, Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Sole traders and Not-For-profit organisations. In addition to statutory audits, we also undertake projects audits that required our opinion on the use to which resources allocated to specific projects are efficiently and effectively utilized.

The firm maintains a high standard of professional ethics, confidentiality, independence, and probity. We apply knowledge, build a relationship and add value.

We deployed Caseware Working Paper with IFRS module for quality service deliverable and to enhance regulatory compliance to the IFRS adoption plan of Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRCN).


Our experience and versatility enable us to design and implement effective accounting systems for leading organizations in various spheres. Each member of the professional staff is knowledgeable about all the relevant accounting standards and together with technical excellence, we advise clients on the most appropriate accounting systems to be adopted or implemented.


The key factor to the success of any business or organisation is its people - management. Good management is essential not only at the inception of a business but also throughout the changing phases of business life. Management must keep pace with the various phases of an organisation to be able to serve its needs effectively. The need for regular appraisal is therefore paramount.

We carry out the following:
  • Accounting systems review and studies to appraise the effectiveness of present systems and advice on them, including inventory control, office organisation, and method.
  • Financial management to advise on the best mix of financing structure as well as the management of working capital.
  • Processes and Procedures are quite important to running an effective organization. The organisation needs to constantly review their process and to ensure that they are in consonance with the dynamism of the business operations. There is a need for constant improvement, automation and optimization to realize the full value of investment in automation.
  • Financial management to advice on the best mix of financing structure as well as the management of working capital.
  • Preparation of reports as the basis for the public issue of shares, valuation of the business, all aspects of acquisition and disposal of assets as well as advising on cash flow problems and financial restructuring.


We advise our clients on major changes in tax regulations that arise from time to time and how these changes do or are likely to affect their business.

Obtaining tax Clearance Certificate for organisation and individuals is a prerequisite for obtaining a variety of services or goods in the country, and where it is the wish of clients we represent them before the Tax Controllers for the purpose of assisting them to reach consensus on tax obligations and settlements for issue of certificates and general agreement on tax liabilities.